Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Exotic Brom

For the green thumbs that enjoy a more exotic look in their garden or home, we have an easy to maintain plant suggestion for you. The Bromeliad originates from the tropics of South America and is a durable and striking addition to your plant collection.
Their look is almost spiral like, with large, strong leaves and a centred flower spike. A little known fact about this plant is that one of our favourite fruits, the Pineapple, is a part of its family, adding to its quirkiness.
Keep this plant in a well-lit place indoors or on a deck/patio outside. Try to keep the Bromeliad out of direct sunlight to get the most out of it.
In terms of watering, the Bromeliad doesn’t like or need too much H2O to survive, so don’t over hydrate it. Keep an eye on the moisture level in the centre of the plant and adapt to the weather conditions accordingly to determine how often you water it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Dash of Colour

If you want to mix things up with your selection of plants, now is the perfect time. Here are a couple of suggestions, both traditional and unique that will add some colour and flair to your garden, home or office.

This unique and popular gift plant is available in a variety of colours and bi-colours. Look out for the Cineraria in bold shades of blue and purple, as well as hot and soft pinks.

The universally popular Gerbera can be found in an assortment of colours including yellow, red, orange, pink and purple. While they are a more common choice, they are just the right plant to add that colour pop you are after.

Otherwise known as a Kalanchoe, this plant also comes in a range of pink, orange, yellow and red shades.  Their flowers are formed in clusters, giving it a striking look.

The traditional and elegant Chrysanthemum is available in numerous colours, from classic cream and white, to bright yellows and deep reds. This plant also comes in many bi-colour combinations,  giving you a wide range of possible looks for your garden or home/office space.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Secret To Succulent Success

During the grind of a busy day at work, it can be easy to forget the all important task of watering your plants. So if you are looking for the perfect plant that compliments your desk in the office (or at home) and also requires little maintenance, the Succulent is for you. Succulents only need watering as little as once a month during the colder parts of the year. In warmer temperatures, water once a week is sufficient enough to keep your plant happy and healthy.

If you’re lucky enough to have a “window seat” in your office, place your Succulent close to the windowsill but keep in the back of your mind to be careful when summer and those scorching hot days hit. You don’t want to the leaves to bleach or turn too brown – this means they are probably getting excessive amounts of sunlight. Just ensure your Succulent is in a well lit, warm area on your desk.

If you really want to step up your care of your Succulent, you can always give it some soluble plant food just to be thorough. This is only necessary though in the warmer months of the year and can be applied once every fortnight for the best results.

Follow these simple guidelines and your Succulent will thrive!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Discover Decro Plant

Decro Plant covers a wide range of indoor plants including tropical and seasonal varieties. From the plants that are best used as a gift for a friend or to those that brighten up your home, we aim to inspire and inform you. Here you can trace the origins and the availability of your favourite plants. We also provide you with some handy hints on how to care for your plants, to make sure they are happy, healthy and long lasting.