Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Exotic Brom

For the green thumbs that enjoy a more exotic look in their garden or home, we have an easy to maintain plant suggestion for you. The Bromeliad originates from the tropics of South America and is a durable and striking addition to your plant collection.
Their look is almost spiral like, with large, strong leaves and a centred flower spike. A little known fact about this plant is that one of our favourite fruits, the Pineapple, is a part of its family, adding to its quirkiness.
Keep this plant in a well-lit place indoors or on a deck/patio outside. Try to keep the Bromeliad out of direct sunlight to get the most out of it.
In terms of watering, the Bromeliad doesn’t like or need too much H2O to survive, so don’t over hydrate it. Keep an eye on the moisture level in the centre of the plant and adapt to the weather conditions accordingly to determine how often you water it.